Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So What is New With You?

I have been working away from home for a very long time. I returned recently and have been home for 4 weeks. It is good to be home.
It seems like, these days, people are more concerned with economic survival than anything else. The environment is the furthest thing from peoples minds. It is tough in a time in our lives where we cannot seem to keep the mortgage up to date or the rent paid to think longer term than the next check; wherever it may come from. I've been there; but not this time around. Things are good here my spouse and myself have been able to stay employed through these tough times; that has not always been the case.

The holiday season will be approaching soon and it will be gift giving time once again. Let's think about making something for our loved ones this year. Instead of sending what little hard earned money we earn overseas to a foreign country. Let's keep it!

Make stocking hats out of old sweaters. I've done this in the past and it is fun. Some of the designs make for some really interesting stocking hats.
Something I am going to try this winter is recycling woven plastic chicken & rabbit feed sacks into shopping bags. They are originally designed to carry fifty lbs. of food so they will be sturdy enough to carry most anything you can get in them. I may even try to make bicycle bags from them; or maybe bags for mopeds and small scooters. they are very colorful and I think they would be fun too.

Once I get some made I will post some pictures of them on a blog post here.

`til next time, hope your fall is a beautiful and pleasant one and may your indian summer be a long one;>)